Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rules for Radical Conservatives

In "Rules for Radical Conservatives," David Kahane takes off the mask that the American left has shown the public for decades.  Instead of assuming that liberals are just another legitimate political philosophy, Mr. Kahane shows that it is a philosophy that is aimed at turning America from a constitutional republic to a tyrannical regime that would never reverse back.  Instead of accepting the premises of the left, we must reject their premises.  Accepting the liberal premises of the left results in adopting all of their policies as well.  Rather than debating policies on the liberals' turf, it is better to articulate our (superior) philosophy, which will result in the policies following the philosophy. 

The left did not get to where they are today through convincing people that their side is right.  Rather, they have done so through intimidation, coercion, emotional arguments, and through steadily gaining ground in the universities, media, schools, and our bureaucracies.  Even today, the liberals are a distinct and insular minority, representing about 20% of the country, but their dominance in the blue-states and cities--mostly on the coasts--have still allowed them to have far more influence than their numbers would imply.  My view is that they have gained power mostly because Republicans have not acted principally to reject the FDR philosophy and instead advance the Founders/Ronald Reagan/Ayn Rand philosophy into law.  Democrats also have campaigned as Republicans.  Even the hard-left radical Obama campaigned on Republican themes of lower federal spending and tax cuts. 

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