Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Democrats are Not On America's Team.

Democrats have routinely stated that they are upset when people call them "unpatriotic." This defensive posture that they exhibit reminds us of the truism that one is most hostile when an unfortune truth is being projected. For instance, would Stephen Hawking respond with condemnation if someone said he was a dullard? Or would George Will even take a moment to respond to the absurd notion that he is a poor writer? However, the notion that Democrats are unpatriotic simply resonates quite well with the general population. This is what people believe when they think of Democrats.

That is one reason why Jane Harmon today stated on CNN that she thinks that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is a "bad guy." Well, if there is a need to say it, there must have been some doubt that the Democrats actually hate our enemy.

So what have the Democrats actually have done to harm our country?

- They have opposed the idea that we should be able to listen to the phone calls of terrorists.

- Democrats have refused to allow security personnel at airports to even take into consideration whether to provide extra screening if the person's name is Osama or Muhammad, bearded, and chanting verses from the Koran.

- The Democrats have insisted that the terrorists can be reasoned with. Democrats have stated that we must provide these individuals with Constitutional rights--or else these terrorists might really get angry.

- The Democrats have demoralized the American people by continuing to focus on the weaknesses that we have had in Iraq but have simultaneously downplayed all of the successes.

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