Thursday, September 14, 2006

Liberals Attempt to Mislead Public About the Enemy

Rosie O'Donnel, the terribly dull and unfunny host of "The View," which has about twenty female viewers in the home for the aged somewhere in Illinois, said recently that Muslim extremists are no different than "radical Christianity," whatever that means. Perhaps O'Donnel is suggesting that a religion that preaches love of one's neighbhor is "just as extreme" as one that was capable of providing textual support to the notion of killing innocent human lives. It's quite unfortunate that Ms. O'Donnel has decided to harp on this point. But it is yet again an indication of how the left really hates America. Instead of focusing on the real enemy -- radical Islam, Rosie has decided to focus on a non-existant enemy: "radical Christianity." Perhaps we have not spent enough time observing the news, but we have no recollection of Christians attempting to destroy and burn embassies; fly planes into buildings; and assisinate individuals who criticize the religion. Modern liberalism is all about interrupting a war effort against the rightful enemy--radical Islam, and pointing towards a problem that does not exist, in an effort to demoralize the war movement and confuse the public. Thankfully, there is no chance that the public could get confused by Rosie's rants.

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