Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is it time to imprison treasonous Members of Congress?

Is it not clear yet that the Democrats are willing to undermine our country? Every single day decent Americans have had to listen to the perverted cries of petulant Democrats complaining about the war in Iraq. Never before in our history has the country had to deal with a fifth column party that demoralizes the people, telling them that the future is no better than the past, and that, if elected, they will win through defeat. In a perfect world, President Bush would have the authority to arrest and imprison those who engage in treason, from the top down, including Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Harry Reid, as well as foul-mouth hedonists porkists such as Michael Moore. The country deserves better. If we do not tolerate terrorists abroad who terrorize our nation through efforts to undermine our strength, it would be incumbent upon our executive leaders to take action that Lincoln used to imprison Members of Congress who actively take part in routing for the enemy.

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