Thursday, January 15, 2009

Democrats are quick to pass laws to further harm America's weak economy.

Rep. Henry Waxman, Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce, said that he is going to "quickly and decisively" pass laws that are intended to harm the economy to confront a problem that does not exist: global warming. Gee, is this really a time period in which we need laws designed to confront unusually warm weather? As I write this, there have been more consecutive days of snowfall in Chicago since 1884; Flint, Michigan has a 95-year record of cold weather; it is negative 40 degrees in Maine. The fact that we are at all worried about global "warming" -- and willing to harm our economy in order to confront this fanatical fantasy, shows that our political class is out of touch with reality.

Liberals believe in global warming on a much more fervent and fanatical level than many Christians do on many significant theological issues. Yet, who is considered a fanatic? The liberals get upset when a Christian student prays in a government-run school, yet they have no qualms about imposing their religious belief, global warming, upon the population.

Thankfully, as more time goes on, global warming laws will become quite unpopular as people are asked to make payments as repentance for their "sin" in earning a living, investing, and raising their families. Thus, perhaps the Democrats are serving to harm their own party in the long-run. Republicans will be able to point to the fact that the Democrat agenda is literally to bankrupt American industry, then bail it out when it is not capable of earning a profit (how many of those have we had lately?), with the aim of controlling as many Americans as possible. Once the government is capable of controlling a large part of American industry, it will literally control the people.

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