Saturday, January 10, 2009

Going postal: Coming soon to a health care center near you.

Do you ever wonder why postal workers and postal "customers" tend to go postal in the post office? I suspect that a major reason for the reason has to do with the fact that there is no outlet upon which to vent one's perennial frustration with a system that provides icon-clad job protection for employees (who are not accountable to anyone) and customers who are not able to leave and go elsewhere. Observe this "customer" (I use the term in quotes because I wonder if one can define a customer as one who is forced to use the producer's service): here, the "customer" is frustrated with the service of the post office. He continues to say: "The customer is always right." Wrong--not when the service is from the government: then the only people who are right are the bureaucrats who cannot be fired. The system is completely indifferent to his requests, tells him to go to hell, and acts as though he is not even a person. He says, somewhat absurdly, that when the post office employee's job is up for renewal that he will "have her job." The truth is that her job is never up for renewal and she will always hold her job, regardless how bad her service is.

If we are not careful, Obama's plan to nationalize health care will result in more experiences like that of this customer, but this time in something that is far more significant--the life and death decisions that come with health care. Can you imagine going to a place, seeking health care, and being treated in this indifferent, rude fashion? Why would your health care provider care to help you when they are guaranteed payment from the government, whether the service is good or bad, whether you are happy or unhappy, and whether you would prefer to go elsewhere (you won't be able to go elsewhere because there will only be "one provider"--the government.). This is a serious video that should serve as the proof that government-run services result in madly unhappy customers.

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