Sunday, January 18, 2009

We want Obama to fail.

Just because we conservatives lost the election last November does not mean that our voices should be silent. We can continue to oppose Obama's radical left-wing socialist agenda, starting on Inauguration Day. We must not give an inch. We must say no to more bailouts, government-run health care, spending to oblivion ($1 trillion!), cap and trade global "warming" legislation, activist wacko judges, and other harmful policies. Don't let the media give you the impression that we must all unite. We must defeat the new president's agenda, and insure that he fails. We do not want him to succeed--we want him to fail. Yes--fail! If the president's success means socialism, collectivism, and altruism, count us out.

We stand for free-enterprise, free-trade, the right to pursue one's own self-interest, capitalism, a government focused on protecting these individual rights, low taxation, and a judiciary that is restrained and focused on interpreting, not making, the law. These are the values that we wish to pursue--not the Obama collectivist/altruism/socialist enterprise system.

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