Friday, February 06, 2009

Democrats Underground is the place to go to find mentally deranged Democrats.

Recently I have decided to spend reading online postings made by those who have, at one point in time or another, been committed to a mental hospital. This is no easy task. I found one site where such postings are made on a fairly regular basis. It is called "Democrats Underground," which makes some sense since the views of Democrats tend to come from dead European socialists, who are "underground." In any case, one thing I noticed about these posters is that, even though their candidate for the president won the election, they are still incredibly anger and filled with rage. Even though Republicans are not in control of anything in Washington, the online, mentally disturbed crowd are still filled with rage and anger.

The one issue that many of these online deranged individuals seemed to be foaming at the mouth over is the Obama "stimulus" package--which is a scam. I read many of the postings and I can say with certainty that almost none of the posters on this site knew anything about economics. (Of course, what would you expect from a site that is populated with individuals discharged from a mental institution?) In any case, there were posts that argued that Republicans wanted to vote against the stimulus package only due to a desire to see the United States economy collapse as a result. First, let us think about how economies work. If merely passing legislation to steal $1 trillion from the part of the country that works and to hand the $1 trillion to the losers who work in the government and vote Democrat was the way to improve the economy, then North Korea and Cuba should be the most successful countries in the world. A lot of these posters do not realize that the government is not able to "create wealth" through an act of Congress. Government does not create wealth, but it can take measures to make wealth creation possible through having a military to protect against foreign threats; the police and emergency responders to protect one's individual rights; to have a stable currency as a store of value; as well as a court system that can allow parties to resolve individual differences through objective law. Secondly, we tried the stimulus plan in the 1930s as well as in 1990s Japan. The result is that in both situations, it created a lot of government debt, but the economy did not grow and unemployment remained high. Thirdly, over 200 mainstream economists have argued that the stimulus package is not going to help the economy. Fourth, if increasing government spending is the recipe for success, shouldn't the Democrats be thanking President George W. Bush for increasing the federal budget at a rapid pace?


  1. Though your link works you spelled the name of the place wrong.

  2. I spelled it that way on purpose. It is not a democratic forum -- open to everyone, and every view, but rather only to those who are members of the Democrat Party.


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