Thursday, February 26, 2009

Obama's end goal: destroy the private sector, and enact a centralized administrative state.

Everyday brings more news on how Obama wants to enact a new power grab, shifting power away from the individual and towards a centralized, authoritarian and unaccountable D.C. establishment. In a time period in which individuals are already hurt by a weak economy, President Obama promises to weaken the economy even further by punishing the absolutely most productive members of our society, serving to discourage them from hiring workers, donate to charity, and invest in new businesses. He wants to raise the top marginal tax rate through the roof, but he will later impose even higher marginal tax rates on the not-so-rich when the revenues promised from taxing the so-called "rich" (read: productive) turns out not to pan out the way he originally imagined.

He is going through a spending spree that serves to crowd out the private market. Obama wants to crush the private market--just as the liberal Democrats in Congress crushed the financial and automobile industries--so that he can nationalize them.

He wants to crush the health care industry with new regulations and by subsidizing the government-run model--to a point in which individuals will one day be forced into a government-run health care monopoly, one in which individuals will not have choices, seniors will be "sacrificed" through a lack of care, and new innovations (such as new drugs) would disappear overnight.

He is running trillion dollar deficits that will serve to encourage the Federal Reserve to start printing more money, which will cause the type of hyperinflation that is often seen in Third World nations.

Then, to cement his rule, he is hoping to legalize the millions of illegal aliens, who, due to their illiteracy, poverty, and inability to assimilate into American society, will be reliable votes for the Democrat Party. These are dangerous times. We Republicans must oppose all of this. Obama's plans are not typical positions for a person in power to hold. These are radical stances that are far outside the American mainstream. He is not constrained at all by the United States Constitution or the fact that public opinion disagrees with many of his ideological goals. He doesn't care. The man is on a mission, and he is out there to destroy the private sector.

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