Monday, August 24, 2009

Americans love liberty, and will not bow down before politicians

Americans have always been rebellious against government officials--whether in London or Washington--who wish to exercise arbitrary and abusive governmental power against individual citizens.

Americans hold the view that the government has a very limited set of objectives upon which it is empowered to act upon, namely, to protect the rights of individual citizens. Thus, it is the government's job to protect individuals from those who would exercise force, and thus, abridge one's rights. For this reason, the government must take action to protect individuals from criminals, foreign governments, and to provide neutral forums to adjudicate disputes between different individuals through the use of objective law.

When the government acts outside these constraints, it can be very dangerous to the liberty of the people.

Right now we are in the middle of one of the great debates in all of American history. The debate is whether the government has the right to force you to purchase health insurance, require private companies to operate under the dictates of government central planners rather than customers, and to slowly develop a pathway in which the government will control every aspect of health care. The US Constitution, however, establishes the powers upon which the Congress may act upon. No where in the US Constitution does it say that Congress has the power to pass laws requiring citizens to purchase health insurance, or to essentially require that government planners will have de facto control over American insurance companies. Americans are saying 'no' to all of these unconstitutional ideas in townhall meetings all across the fruited plane. This is definitely quite exciting to see. Keep up the pressure. E-mail your elected officials, and definitely call them. Show up at meetings and ask tough and pointed questions. We can defeat ObamaCare.

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