Monday, August 10, 2009

We were right: Democrats do hate America.

We always were under the impression that Democrats hated America. Finally even Democrats are being honest about their intentions and beliefs. We have waited quite a while. Now elected Democrats are calling opponents of their socialist policies 'mobsters,' 'Nazis,' and 'Astroturf' (essentially, fake grassroots protesters). Further, elected officials have been found ignoring constituent questions, answering phone calls during townhall meetings, and denying the existence of provisions within the national health care bill.

Americans are learning the truth about the Democrats--finally. The goal of the Democrats is to re-make America, evade or distort the true meaning of the US Constitution, and transfer power from individuals to government officials. But the people have found out what is taking place, and they are protesting. Congratulations, America. You make us proud.


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