Friday, August 28, 2009

Rep. Diane Watson admits government-run health care is a failure, but proceeds to create such a system in America!

I went to Rep. Diane Watson's townhall meeting. This was a very unusual townhall meeting. It was quite apparent that Diane Watson was able to fill the townhall with an overwhelming number of left-wing lunatics who hold unreasonable and irrational political opinions. For instance, when Diane Watson talked about how she had not read the bill, the audience laughed and even applauded. That is not a very typical reaction from members of the public. In most parts of the country, such an admission would result in a great deal of scorn from the audience members.

Normal people are not enthralled with politicians, especially those who are open enough to say how lazy they are about the work that they are entrusted to act upon. Thus, it is striking that Rep. Diane Watson was bold enough to say that she is open to nationalizing 20% of the entire United States economy without bothering to read the fine print.

Some audience members, who read a script, and were members of some government-run health care pressure group, were demanding that Diane Watson propose the creation of an authoritarian, monopolized government-run health care system (single payer--also known as 'single provider' of health care: i.e., a monopoly).

Thankfully, I was able to ask her why government-run health care would work when it failed everywhere. Her answer was most unusual: She admitted that government-run health care systems around the world have failed, but she insists that we can avoid the mistakes that have existed in other countries. Doubtful. Some ideas are reprehensible regardless of what country one lives in. The idea that we need to copy the failures of other countries, such as UK, which exhibit an enormous amount of rationing of health care, poor quality and hygiene, is irrational. If an idea does not work in other countries, there is no sensible reason to impose it here. At least Diane Watson admitted that government-run health care has failed everywhere that it has been tried. That is a remarkable admission for someone who wants to create such a monster here in the United States of America.

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